We request all visitors to make prior appointments as we cannot allow any walk-in requests. Please email us at info.atma@cept.ac.in at least 24 hours in advance (if not more) to arrange a visit. Requests received too close to the visit may be denied and same-day requests will not be possible to accommodate. The building is closed for visits on weekends and national holidays.
Email sent to any other email ID for visiting purpose will be considered invalid.
Professional photography is not permitted. If a group or individual wishes to document the building in any form, please submit your request at least a week in advance. The request should clearly state the purpose and outcome of such documentation.
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Film / Photography Authorization Policy For Non Commercial / Academic Use

The Ahmedabad Textile Mill's Association (ATMA) attempts to cooperate with those who wish to film or photograph the MillOwner’s building for academic / scholarly / cultural use, provided it does not interfere with the administrative functions and calendar of ATMA.

Permission to film or photograph and related arrangements must be made through the Office of the Program Director and in accordance with the guidelines as approved by the management through the Office of the Program Director.

Film or photography destined for promotional or commercial use is strictly not permitted. The limitation does not apply to filming or photographing for nonpromotional or non-commercial use, but in all cases such requests should be made through the Office of the Program Director in the prescribed format. "Promotional use" or “Commercial use” is defined as any use that could imply endorsement of a commercial or non-academic / scholarly / cultural entity, product or service.

The following restrictions apply to film and photography destined for academic / scholarly / cultural use:

The intended use of the photography must be stated explicitly in writing and submitted to the Office of the Program Director. The statement of intended use must include the aim and purpose, the medium, any accompanying text or other images, and how the image of the MillOwner’s Building would be used. In case of motion pictures, a brief synopsis — including the names of the actors and the full script or appropriate script excerpts — must be submitted.

No persons present in the building grounds who are not the subject of the shoot may be photographed in such a way as to render them identifiable.

A digital or physical copy of the photographs or the film produced under this policy agreement should be submitted to the Office of the Program Director. This should be done within the agreed time frame that is mentioned below.

A fee is charged for the use of the location for each day or portion of a day. These fees may be waived, in part or in whole, if the photography is for educational / scholarly / cultural or other bona fide public information purposes. In addition, the company or agency responsible for the photography pays all incurred expenses such as those for electricians, food services, janitorial services, etc. Depending on the nature of the photography and the location, proof of general liability may be required. Specific contractual arrangements must be negotiated in advance.

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